Stratégie de valorisation et de protection des résultats. Data management, data sharing, intellectual property strategy, and exploitation of project results.

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Pour les projets académiques, l’accord de consortium n’est pas obligatoire mais conseillé. The productions of this project, if numerous, are more research items than directly integrable into commercial products. They consist of pieces of software to analyse the communities, reports on the behaviour of these communities, and data (surveys, interviews, etc. harvested by the project).

  • the data extracted during the project. These data are confidential, an, as it is the practice in the scientifc field, they will not be published outside the research group. However, to maximize the impact of our studies, we will consider the possibility to anonymize the data and invite researchers to work on them in one of participants' lab. This point and the way of sharing the data will be integrated into a consortium agreement,
  • the pieces of software. These pieces will be developed by University Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid and LORIA. In both cases, these pieces will be protected by an open source licence, Cecill or GPL. We will distribute them via URJC's Web site (, libresoft tools items). This place is growingly recognized at European level for being a center place for these tools. This point will be integrated into a consortium agreement,
  • the reports published (monographs of the communities, first versions of scientific articles written on the topic, reports of the project) will be published online. The project Web site will be hosted by M@rsouin (, which is quite well connected with scientific vulgarization and information sites, like Internet Actu ( The scientific articles will be put on HAL (, at least for French articles, and referenced on M@rsouin. Another point is to translate our reports and our article in English, to provide the project with and international dissemination. Participants commitment to publish at least a first version of their work on HAL, the fact that it is compulsory for being translated into English will be integrated into the consortium agreement.